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Competitive Advantages of BYD PV Cell

Diamond wire silicon wafer is made of conventional acid (HNO 3/HF), which has poor texture and obvious crystal flowers. Thus the appearance of the cell cannot meet the needs of customers. If using Ag-MCCE technology, it can bring good texture and blurred grain boundary, as well as the uniform appearance without color difference.

Texture structure after using conventional acid (HNO 3/HF) material.VSTexture structure after using BYD Black water technology.

Cell appearance after using conventional acid (HNO 3/HF) material.VSCell appearance after using BYD Black water technology.

Competitive Advantages of BYD Silicon Double Glass Module

BYD double glass module uses unique liquid silica gel as the encapsulation material, and employes high waterproof polyisobutylene rubber to seal the module. This unique combination of materials enables BYD double glass module to have an excellent moisture barrier ability, excellent UV resistance and weather resistance. In order to achieve the mass production, BYD had made full use of its strong independent R&D ability to designed a whole working process including a unique coating equipment system, together with the special technical process, lamination process and operation process. In addition, BYD Silicon Double Glass module also has more than 10 patents for its creative structure design.